AKA "The Big Danged Boats" | 15mm Scale | 10/2004
Introduction: This is a project I've been contemplating for a long time now.  I have notes that go back to 1999 or so on the game I've always called "That Big Danged Boat Game".   I am sure I'll come up with a more appropriate, somber fantasy name for the game, but for now I still like Big Danged Boats or BDB .

Thumbnail of the Deadnought Undead ship


I finished the Deadnought last night.  And have taken some pictures of same. Take a look at the Galley, or click on the thumbnail to the left. 

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Design Philosophy  
Having played My Galley Sally and those few other games scaled for 15mm that are on the market, I am of the opinion that simpler is better.  There's so much you could add to a fantasy game, and some things you should add to a fantasy game, or it becomes just another wargame with cool looking critters in it.  So I am adding magic, different boats for different races, and different technologies (mostly rowing and sails, but also steam, magic, and aerials).  I'm a great one for checks and balances in design; there should never be a "winning combination that is unbeatable" in a game design that allows you to pick different categories of 'troops'.  Thus, if Steam gives the Dwarven and Gnomic fleets an edge over Sailing ships, well, the engine is also crude and likely will break down constantly (and you should see what a heat metal spell will do to a steam boiler... it's grim!).  If Elvish Sailing vessels have it all over the rapidly tiring Human oared galleys, well, the wind's going to change eventually.  The idea is to keep it very tactical, and always (if possible) fun.  

Types of Ships 
Right now, I have ships for a two ship Undead fleet (one of which is the Deadnought, above), a Pirate ship, a Gnomish Aircraft Carrier (well, it only carries one) and a Gnomish Boppership (I'm keeping this one tightly under wraps.. think Rube Goldberg), three Dwarven ironclads, and an assortment of small galleys and homebuilts.  I'm even working on a flying citadel as a sort of "strategic bomber" for the game.   

Magic, and other things 
The game is very tactical in nature, and not as abstract as you might think.  Therefore magic is direct and physical.. lots of things that go bang, make iron plates heat up, and crews fall asleep.  The most abstract element is the boarding phase, which is done on a battle board instead of on the ships. 

The Rules? 
When you have the attention span of a gnat, you have to be patient.  I'll post a draft here for people to playtest when it is ready. 

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